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St. Anne’s Academy is finally in session, for real.  We were doing some schooling stuff during September, but we are now into the real stuff!

We decided to go with Catholic Heritage Curricula’s preschool package.  The daily lesson plans are for preschool and kindergarten.  Getting two years in one package is a nice bonus and will help keep costs down next year.  The “reading” component is “I Can Find Letter Sounds“.  The math component is “I Can Find Numbers and Shapes“, both by Nancy Nicholson.  The religion component is from the Image of God Series.  “Who am I?” is the name of the Preschool workbook.

Very soon we’ll also purchase Making Music Praying Twice for a music education component, but I needed to start small and add elements slowly.

My next step is to figure out our schedule, especially in regard to when Monkey learns best.  I have learned the hard way that if he has any video game time prior to school time his attitude to horribly negative.  So I have to schedule those activities for later.


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