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While picking up the books we’d place on hold at the library, a pretty book with spectacular illustrations peeked out at me and demanded my attention. A Seed Is Sleepy, by Dianna Hutts Aston, illustrated by Sylvia Long, is beautiful.

The author begins by telling us “a seed is sleepy” and where the seed might sleep. She then goes on to tell how seeds are secretive, fruitful, naked and even adventurous.

The children in my nature study homeschool co-op class laughed riotously to learn that the hamburger bean floats. They also wanted to know if hamburger beans made hamburgers…ah, the humor of a 7 year old! The children also loved learned, in the author’s ever so polite way, about how a seed is inventive and can “tumble through a bear’s belly.” This actually opened up a whole conversation about how seeds can be eaten, sent through the digestive system and “deposited” sometimes miles away from the parent plant.

The book ends with the seed awakening, oh! and such an awakening! The children relished this book. Once I’d finished reading it, they all immediately wanted to pour over the pages independently. This book is worthy of a space on a home library’s shelved.

Idea for an Add-on Tie-in: Using a plastic sandwich bag half-filled with damp soil, place corn seeds between the plastic and the soil so it can be viewed from outside. Place three seeds, one upright, one side-ways and one upside down. Tape the bag to a sunny window and watch God’s work at hand over the coming several days!

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Good News! We have decided to combine a few of our interests and create a YouTube Channel that will feature videos of Catholic sites that we visit along with descriptions, history and information for visiting the site. We’ve started with a few videos that we had on our existing channel but will be adding new videos shortly.  As we travel we will visit more sites and share them as we put them together.

You can visit the channel here:


Please consider being a subscriber so you’ll get notified of when we post new videos.

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As part of our creative outlet, we’ve created some new shirts that will help anyone show their joy for their Catholic faith and homeschooling.

First up are our Catholic Pride shirts:

Keep Calm and Catholic On t-shirt Pax Christi t-shirt Keep Calm and Catholic On yellow and white t-shirt

Keep Calm and Catholic On is available in many colors and we also made it in yellow and white, the traditional colors of the Vatican.  We also created the Pax Christi shirts because there is such a lack of Christ’s peace in the world today and what better way to show it with the emblem of His church.

For our homeschoolers, why not show your pride with one of these shirts, also available in multiple colors and youth as well as larger adult sizes:

Life is Good...I'm Homeschooled t-shirt

Finally, we wanted to do something that reflected our family farm and the fact that we produce real maple syrup.  We just felt that we have to support the use of real maple syrup!

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Have you noticed some of the changes that we are making?  I’m sure like you time gets away from you and the next thing you know you Website is out of date!  As part of our updates we are introducing two new areas to the Website and that is Catholic Homeschool Curriculum and Catholic Stock Imagery.

You know that we are Catholic homeschoolers and it can be difficult to put together a curriculum for little ones that meet your needs.  You might be like us and create or use different structures for different classes and it’s nice to come across sets of coursework that is already put together.  So that’s what we are doing.  We are packaging up different courses and bundling it for you in one download.  We are asking for a small contribution for our efforts but we know what tight budgets can be so it is not that much.  Very budget friendly!

As part of the curriculum we are offering packages of historic maps.  We happen to have a very large collection of maps and maps are ideal when studying history.  It really makes it special when you’re studying something like World War II and actually looking at a map that was produced during World War II.  It really gives a different perspective.  We are starting with sets of maps from different times and eras for download and will be adding the curriculum packages as we develop them.

The other new area I mentioned was the Catholic Stock Imagery.  There are so many stock photo places but very few that focus on all things Catholic.  As we visit Catholic shrines and places, we’ve taken hundreds, if not thousands of pictures and we’ll be making those available for anyone at a very reasonable cost for royalty-free publication.

We’ll be working on expanding these different areas but I wanted you to know that we are renewing our efforts to create new content for the site.

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Welcome to Simple Catholic.  We are a Roman Catholic family that wanted to create a place where we can find all our favorite Catholic things in one place.  We are only going to post the stuff we like from the folks we like, while keeping it Catholic as much as possible.

If there is a Catholic blog, store or website you like and we don’t have it listed…let us know.  We’ll check it out.

We generally keep Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation quiet so you might not hear from us on those days.

We hope you enjoy our site!

God Bless you!

PS If you comment, please say something nice or don’t say it at all.