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Are you familiar with the morning basket?

It is an awesome concept.. for morning people.  I am not a morning person. Technically, I think God meant me to be a coffee drinker.  Let me clarify further; a coffee drinker as in one of those people that always have a coffee cup in their hand.  The only problem is, I really do not like coffee. I can drink it disguised as a mocha, but I’m only just tolerating it. I’ll drink copious qualities of hot tea during fall/winter/spring and I drink iced tea by the gallons year round, but there is so far not enough caffeine in a few cups of hot tea to turn me into a morning person.

Getting myself motivated bright and early in the morning to actually pull off a morning basket is probably not going to happen during this lifetime.  I am old enough to know myself and my limitations.  However, I really, really want to do a “morning basket” with my son.  Here’s were I have been for a very long time, not capable of pulling off a morning basket, but unable to figure out where to fit it into the rest of our day.

Lately, I have also been listening to Pam Barnhill’s Morning Basket podcast.  I would highly recommend listening to her podcast series from the very beginning.  She and her awesome guests really get you thinking.  If morning baskets are new to you or something you have wanted to incorporate into your homeschool day, her podcast is the place to start.

Between kicking myself for being a early morning slacker, having morning basket guilt and a conversation I had with my husband the other evening; I had an epiphany!!  Do “morning basket” in the evening when the whole family can participate.

One of Barnhill’s guests spoke about how morning basket can create a family culture.  Well, when it’s Mom and a lovely bunch of children, that sounds like the most beautiful thing ever. God graced us with a son; one child.  It just did not seem fair to be creating this “family culture” between my son and I only.  Our family is so small that if we do not include my husband in creating that “family culture” we are not being fair to our little family.

It occurred to me that including my husband in our “morning basket” would give us a chance to have everyone’s insights, shared experience, shared knowledge, and shared faith.  And when we read make emotional connections with a book, it is not going to be just between my son and I.  It also really does make education something everyone participates in everyday.  Win-Win-Win!

So last evening was our inaugural evening “morning basket”.  (Seriously, I will come up with a better name for it!!).  For an hour and a half, we read, we prayed, we listened, we saw, and we learned TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!

I mean to encourage you with this post, really!  If you do not already do a “morning basket”, can not figure out where to put it into your day or whatever your hang-up is, keep trying to work it in.  There is great value in sharing your education with the whole family, to the best of your ability.

As we continue to do our “evening, morning basket”, I’ll let you know how we as doing.  In the meantime, God Bless and Keep Learning!

UPDATE:  I drafted this post sometime ago (September), and I am happy to report that “morning basket” in the evening with our whole family, is going awesomely!  It has turned into such a connection point for the whole family.  Now for a better name…read-aloud basket, evening basket, learning basket…I’d take suggestions.

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St. Anne’s Academy is finally in session, for real.  We were doing some schooling stuff during September, but we are now into the real stuff!

We decided to go with Catholic Heritage Curricula’s preschool package.  The daily lesson plans are for preschool and kindergarten.  Getting two years in one package is a nice bonus and will help keep costs down next year.  The “reading” component is “I Can Find Letter Sounds“.  The math component is “I Can Find Numbers and Shapes“, both by Nancy Nicholson.  The religion component is from the Image of God Series.  “Who am I?” is the name of the Preschool workbook.

Very soon we’ll also purchase Making Music Praying Twice for a music education component, but I needed to start small and add elements slowly.

My next step is to figure out our schedule, especially in regard to when Monkey learns best.  I have learned the hard way that if he has any video game time prior to school time his attitude to horribly negative.  So I have to schedule those activities for later.


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The first real school year of the St. Anne’s Academy at Balsam Woods Farm is going to be starting in the next few weeks.  We are really looking forward to teaching our little Monkey pre-kindergarten.

I have been working on our curriculum order list and a new calendar for the school year.  When we are ready to get going, I’ll be back with pictures of my calendar and our curriculum plans for the year.  For now, we are enjoying these last few weeks of summer and making huge plans for a very special birthday later this month.

May God Bless You!