18. August 2015 · Comments Off on Stone Soup by Marcia Brown · Categories: Books, January

Stone Soup by Marcia Brown was originally written in 1947; an awesome book with an amazing legacy.  If you are looking for something to do some cold January (National Soup Month) day, pull this book off the shelf and give it a read.

Here are some ideas for activities to go along with your reading of Stone Soup:

1.  Talk soup, what kinds you and your child enjoy.  How are they prepared?  (A Year of Fun Just for Five’s by Theodosia Spewock)

2.  Make your own soup for dinner.

3.  And if you homeschool or just want to expand on your reading with additional activities, check this site for an amazing list!

01. April 2015 · Comments Off on Two Blue Jays by: Anne Rockwell · Categories: Books, Homeschooling

We borrowed this book from the library and loved it.  It beautifully showed how to do a nature journal entry without telling you that is what it was doing.  Two Blue Jays is a great book to show preschool-kindergarten children examples of drawings and entries to make for a new-to-nature-journaling child.

01. April 2013 · Comments Off on Book: The Easter Cave · Categories: Books, Easter

Our little Monkey (age 3) received a copy of The Easter Cave by Carol Wedeven for Easter.

The book has pretty, simple illustrations that beautifully bring direct attention to the prose.  I thought it was a lovely book.

Monkey, however, didn’t go for it real well.  To be honest, a book needs a car, construction equipment, farm equipment or machinery for him to be truly involved in the book.  He hops off my lap faster than a cheetah can run when I bring a book of a religious nature before him.  He’ll listen to the story, but he wants to be otherwise occupied.  So let’s not use my little guy to gauge the wonder of a really beautiful book.

This is a great one for everyone’s Easter book list!